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Zines @ VPL

A guide to all things zines at VPL (and a little beyond).

Zines @ VPL

What's a zine?

zine also 'zine, n.

(pronounced zeen, like bean; derived from magazine)

 Zines are handmade, underground publications that resemble little magazines or chapbooks. They are most often a labour of love, inspired by a need to communicate and connect with like-minded folks, or as an avenue for disseminating art or political ideas. Zines are produced from a desire for self-expression not for financial gain, true to the DIY ethic. They can be fiction or non-fiction, cover any subject and are most often written from a personal standpoint. They are usually self-published in small print runs by photocopying , using basic binding techniques (stales, string, or elastics) and come in many shapes and sizes.

The Zine Scene: Vancouver Library Starts Alternative Magazine Collection

A few good zines




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