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Inspiration Lab - Video Recording

Guide on Video Recording equipment, setup, files and resources to get started.

Getting Started with Video Recording Equipment

The Inspiration Lab is a free place dedicated to digital creativity, collaboration and storytelling. It features high-performance computers, analog-to-digital conversion, audio and video recording studios, video editing, and self-publishing software.  

For video recording, we have the following equipment available for booking in the Terry McBride Studio. The camera can only be used in the studio; therefore, you must have a booking in the studio if you would like to use the camera and/or the portable green screen.

  • HD Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • Four LED light stands (plus two additional lights)
  • Tripod
  • Retractable green screen
  • Behringer C1 and C3 condenser microphones

You are also welcome to bring your own video recording equipment if you wish.

Booking Inspiration Lab Recording Studios and Computer Stations

The Inspiration Lab is a self-directed, Do-It-Yourself space in the library for creating and experimenting with digital media.

Recording studios, equipment, and computers are available for booking if you have a library card with the Vancouver Public Library. To use the studios, you will need to have a library card with proof of address and no more than $10 in library fees. The Creation Stations and Digitization Stations can be used by anyone with a valid card, including an Internet Access card.

The Inspiration Lab is open during regular Central library hours. However, the recording studios close half an hour before the rest of the library.

  • Recording studios can be booked for a maximum time of three hours per day.
  • Creation and digitization stations can be booked for three hour sessions, and time extensions are allowed depending on availability.
  • Bookings of studios, creation and digitization stations can be made up to two weeks in advance. For more information about booking, please see the booking instructions for recording studios, creation and digitization stations.