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Self Help (for Adults)

Learn how to access popular psychology books on a variety of topics: anger, self-confidence, dating and more.

Introduction to Self-Help

The self-help category can often be overwhelming, especially because it encompasses multiple topics. This guide provides a sample of some of our more frequently asked categories of self-help. If you cannot find a book that helps your personal needs, please feel free to ask a librarian for more help.  If you are uncomfortable speaking to a librarian in-person, please call us at (604)-331-3603, email us at or use our Books Just For You service where we offer personalized reading recommendations. We would love to hear from you.

This guide provides book and catalogue searching strategies only. If you are looking for support groups or local services please consult our Community Resources & Social Services help guide.

If you are new to Canada, books about Loneliness (Social Skills) may offer solace, but feel free to also use our Books Just For You service for more book recommendations specific to being a newcomer to Canada. For further information on being a newcomer to Canada, please use our Immigration and Settlement guide.

If you would like to browse the shelves of your local library, here is a quick call number guide for locating self-help books:

Subject Main Dewey number
Abortion 363.46
Cutting (Self-mutilation) 616.858
Death 155.937
Incest 306.877
Marriage 306.872
Mental health & depression 362.2, 616.8527 (depression), 616.89 (mental disorders)
Money 332.024
Rape and Sexual Assault 364.1532
Self-help, happiness & interpersonal relations 158.1-158.2
Separation & divorce 306.89
Sexuality 306.7
Substance abuse, quitting smoking 362.29, 613.85 (smoking)
Women and psychology 155.633, 155.333, 305.4 (women and society)
Work-life balance and job satisfaction 650.1, 158.1


*Created by Wellington City Libraries