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Vancouver Public Library provides free access to LibreOffice software. Certain computers will have a user time limit of two hours per day and require you to have a Vancouver Public Library card or an Internet Pass.


General Tips on LibreOffice

LibreOffice computer workstations use open source software. The installed software offers many similar features as the Microsoft Office products, but is not set up for personalization. Settings are standardized, and cannot be changed by the users. All files will be wiped out when your session ends.

Library staff will provide help with general use and navigation of the software, but are not able to coach users in document creation and editing. Users are advised to bring their own USB device or CD for file transfer and storage.

Supported Features (things you can do)

  • Create simple word processed documents.
  • Create simple spreadsheets.
  • Create presentations.
  • Save documents and spreadsheets to USB device or CD.
  • Print documents and spreadsheets.
  • Send and receive documents and spreadsheets by email using your existing email account (Internet-enabled computers only).
  • Download documents from the Internet, and save to USB device or CD (Internet-enabled computers only).
  • Use download features in the Library's subscription databases, and save to disk, USB device or CD.


  • Imported documents may be altered (formatting, fonts, etc. may be changed).
  • Documents created here are compatible with other open source software and with Microsoft Office, but may not look exactly the same.
  • Documents can not be saved to the Library's computers.
  • No support for FTP or Telnet.