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Indigenous Peoples of Canada

This guide is intended to help you find information on First Nations, Métis and Inuit people and issues in BC and Canada.


Portrait of Ne-kow-se-sla, 'the Legend Bearer', a Kwakiutl womanPortrait of Ne-kow-se-sla, 'the Legend Bearer', a Kwakiutl womanm VPL: #71683, 191-, Ben W. Leeson.

This page will help you find information on traditional life among Indigenous Peoples in Canada, focusing on aspects of survival and social life, such as food, shelter, clothing, games, transportation, religion and legends.

Northwest History Index

This card index in Special Collection provides access to the Northwest History Collection, a heritage collection covering the early history and exploration of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

The collection includes:

  • magazine and newspaper articles
  • pamphlets
  • books
  • chapters in books
  • many other resources
As of August 1998, no new material has been added to the Northwest History Index. It is continued by the British Columbia Index.

Recommended Books

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