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Getting Started with Newer Kobos

Getting Started with Newer Kobos


Kobo Aura ONE

The Kobo Aura ONE, Kobo Aura Edition 2, Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2, and the Kobo Clara HD have OverDrive integration. This allow easy access to the ebooks in the VPL to Go collection (please click here for all other ereaders, including all other Kobos).

If you have a Kobo of the above type but do not see the option for OverDrive integration, be sure to update the device's software to the newest version (or, at least 4.10.11655). If you need instructions on how to update a Kobo, take a look at this help page for instructions.

All you need is your VPL library card and a wi-fi connection to borrow eBooks from VPL to Go. (Note: When prompted to choose a public library, type vancouver public in the search box.)

To get started using OverDrive on your newer Kobo, follow the steps on the OverDrive Help Page or the Kobo Help Page.


Find and Borrow eBooks

  • Ensure the device is connected to wi-fi and logged into to your OverDrive account.
  • To browse for books:
    • From the Home screen tap Browse (bottom of screen), then select Overview (top item in pop-up).
    • Under Top Picks, tap From Vancouver Public Library.
    • When you find a title that you’d like to borrow, select it, then tap the 'more' icon, which looks like three horizontal dots.
    • A popup will appear allowing you to Borrow or Place a hold.
  • To search for books:
    • From the Home screen type keywords of the title you are looking for.
    • Make sure Kobo is selected in the dropdown adjacent to the search box.
    • Select one of the suggested titles or tap Go.
    • Tap Show, then tap OverDrive in the popup.
    • If the title is available to borrow, it will be listed and you can choose to Borrow or Place a hold.
  • Alternatively, if you borrow a book using your account on another device, the next time you Sync your Kobo, it will be downloaded, (provided that its format is compatible with the Kobo).

Manage Your Borrowed eBooks

  • To sync your Kobo and download books you have borrowed using your account on another device:
    • From the Home screen, tap the  Sync tile, which looks like a two arrows forming a circle.sync symbol
    • New VPL to Go books that you have borrowed will be downloaded to your device.
  • To display your borrowed books:
    • Tap Read (bottom left of home screen) then tap Books in the popup.
    • Tap Show, then tap OverDrive in the popup menu.
    • The books you currently have checked out will be displayed, (provided they are compatible with the Kobo).
  • To return your borrowed book before it is due:
    • Tap Read (bottom left of home screen) then tap Books in the popup.
    • Tap Show, then tap OverDrive in the popup menu.
    • Tap and hold the title you want to return.
    • Tap Return in the popup.
    • Tap Return again when asked if you want to return early.

Help and Troubleshooting

  • To navigate to the User Guide on the Kobo:

    • From the home screen, tap the 'more' icon, which looks like three horizontal dots.
    • Tap Help.
    • Tap User Guide (under Other Resources, near the bottom of the page).