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Chinese-Canadian Genealogy

Resources for Canadians of Chinese origin who wish to learn more about their personal connection to Chinese-Canadian history.

Documents & Records

Searching for information about your family in published and archival documents is one of the core activities of genealogical research.

Information may be found in a wide range of documents and records. This section explores key archival and published sources for Chinese-Canadian genealogy. It also describes some resources, which although generally very useful to genealogists, offer very little information relating to individuals of Chinese origin. It is hoped that the information provided here will be helpful when planning research and decided where to focus one's efforts.

The Documents & Records introduced in this section were created in Canada, usually by governments (e.g. head tax records) or by independent organizations (e.g. churches, directory companies). Most are English. Chinese genealogists, however, will inevitably want to explore Chinese-language sources at some point. For information about Chinese-language records both in Canada and back in China, see Chinese-Language Resources.

Cemetery Records and Monumental Inscriptions
Many Chinese are buried in B.C. cemeteries.

Census Records
Historical census records (1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911) are open to the public, and contain detailed personal information about people living at the time, including members of the Chinese community.

Chinese Consular Records
The Chinese Consulate kept records of Chinese people residing in Canada.

Civil Registration
Records of births, marriages and deaths collected by the government are an excellent source of family information.

Church Records
Churches of several denominations ministered to the Chinese community. Their records may provide more clues about your family.

Directories are another good source of family information. In some cases there are Chinese community directories.

Land Records
Documentation of transactions involving both Crown and private land may also tell you more about your ancestor.

Military Records
People of Chinese origin joined the Canadian Armed Forces and served in both the First and Second World Wars.

Museums and Archives
Identifies Canadian museums and archives with records in their collections that may be of interest to Chinese-Canadian genealogists.

Naturalization and Citizenship
Chinese could apply to become naturalized British subjects or -- after 1947 -- Canadian citizens.

Both mainstream and Chinese newspapers are an excellent source of information for genealogists. Birth, marriage, death announcements and obituaries are especially helpful.

Other Government Records
Examples of the wide variety of other government records that may provide information and clues for genealogists.

Railway Construction
Chinese immigrants worked on the construction of the B.C. section of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1880s.

Wills and Probate
Estate files often include the names of family members and other information.


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