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Elections - Canada, British Columbia, and Vancouver

This guide will help you find information about federal, provincial, and municipal elections and political parties.


The last provincial general election took place on May 9, 2017 in British Columbia.

This guide is designed to help you to find information on a variety of topics related to the current provincial election. Many resources are available at the Central Library (350 West Georgia Street). Please ask the Information staff if you need help.

2018 Referendum on Proportional Representation

British Columbia held a referendum from October 22 to December 7 on changing to a proportional representation system of voting.The results are now available on the BC Elections website.

Advocacy Groups and Analysis

Recent News and Opinion


The four major provincial parties that contested the 2017 provincial election and their leaders are:

A complete list of Registered political parties with contact info and links to official party websites can be found on the Elections BC website.

Provincial political parties usually display election platforms on their official websites. 

Electoral Districts


Information on voting eligibility requirements, voter identification, where to vote, voting opportunities (e.g. advance voting, absentee voting, alternative absentee voting, and voting by mail), voters needing assistance or needing a translator, and time off from work for voting can be found on the Elections BC website under Voting.

2017 Leaders Debates

Recommended Books