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Community Resources, Social Services & Nonprofit Sector (Vancouver)

This guide offers residents of Vancouver a community resource hub. How to get help and from whom, as well as how to start, run, and manage a nonprofit organization is included.

Lists of Nonprofit Organizations in Vancouver


Red Book Online -- most listings are service agencies which are often registered nonprofits

Canadian Donor’s Guide  – all listings are charities and therefore are registered nonprofit organizations, also there is a geographic index for organization’s head office

Charity Intelligence Canada's A-Z listing - Updated reports on approximately 760 charities. Gives details of their programs, finances, salary information, registration number and more. Search box also enables searching other ways than just by a charity's name. All charities rated on their website.

BC Laws provides lists of newly incorporated societies in BC from 2011-2019. To access, select "Corporate Registry Notices", -->"Societies and Firms," --> Select the year , -->Select the date, --> Select "Incorporations (BC)"

List of Charities, Canadian government's searchable database for registered and revoked charities in Canada

Charity Village's list of Canadian nonprofit organizations and charities comprehensive Canadian directory organized by subjects

Annual Reports for a few organizations are located in X-Files, but very few are catalogued. VPL does not request or claim annual reports from organizations. Increasingly, nonprofits include annual reports, financial reports, etc. on their websites

If you are looking for examples of Constitutions or Bylaws of organizations to help you draft one for you organizations – try Macleod’s book for examples, or the Red Book Online to look for organizations with good websites that include this on their site or try larger organizations in the X-files.