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Community Resources, Social Services & Nonprofit Sector (Vancouver)

This guide offers residents of Vancouver a community resource hub. How to get help and from whom, as well as how to start, run, and manage a nonprofit organization is included.

City of Vancouver - Services, Information, and Resources

The City of Vancouver has an excellent information call service, 311. Call 311 and you can ask any question associated with the City of Vancouver. Questions range from requests for new recycling boxes, to problems with parking, to complaints about neighbours who used too much water while restrictions were in place. The city has been collecting data from 311 calls since the service began in 2009. We recommend consulting the city's open data catalogue, for free and open access to over 145 City datasets such as disability parking, public art, or dog off-leash parks

Frequently Asked Questions

I am renovating my home. How do I find out if I need a permit? Go to: City of Vancouver's Building Permit page

How do I get a license for my dog? Go to: Buy or Manage a Dog License

I own and live in my home. And I heard I have to declare an Empty Homes Tax. How? Go to: City Of Vancouver's Empty Home Tax

How do I access Vancouver's building bylaw for plumbing? Use VPL's database City of Vancouver Building Bylaws and Plumbing Systems (Access in library only)

How do I pay my parking ticket? Go to: Pay Your Parking Ticket