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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.

Elza Mayhew - Hat Series

Elza Mayhew by Myfanwy Paveli

Elza Mayhew - Hat Series by Myfanwy Pavelic

image used with permission from Art Gallery of Greater Victoria


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Pablo Fiasco (see Anfield, Thomas David)

Page, PK (Patricia Kathleen), 1916-2010

Page, Robin, 1922-2015

Palette (see Parker, John Frederick Delisle, 1884-1962)

Paley, Stewart, 1940-

Pan, Davide, 1966-

Pang-Yi, Rastall, fl.1970's

Papou, Laurie, 1964-

Parent, Yvonne, 1962-

Parker, Harley Walter Blair, 1915-1992

Parker, John Frederick Delisle, 1884-1962 (aka Palette)

Parker, Ron, 1943-

Partridge, Bob, fl.1980's

Pasha, Parvaneh, fl.1980's

Passmore, Heather

Paterson, Rina, fl.1970's

Patkau, John

Patkau, Patricia

Patrich, Nora

Pattern, Kenneth, 1942-

Paul, Lawrence (yuxweluptun) 1957-

Pauwels, Isabelle, 1975-

Pavelic, Myfanwy Spencer, 1916-2007

Payne, Gordon Eastcott, 1890-1983

Payne, Gordon MacEwan, 1933-

Peanut, Mr., 1947- (see Trasov, Vincent, 1948-)

Pearson, Gary, fl.1980's

Pechet, Bill

Pedlar, Howard C., fl.1980's

Pemberton, Sophie, 1869-1959 (aka Mrs. Deane Drummond)

Penhall, Ross, 1959-

Penner Bancroft, Marion (see Bancroft, Marion Penner, 1947-)

Pente, Patti

Perry, Art

Perry, Frank, 1923-2006

Persiani, Constantino, 1939-

Peter, Friedrich, 1933-

Peters, Fred

Peters, Joe Jr., 1961-1995      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Peters, Lawrie, 1942-

Peterson, Kit, fl.1970's

Peterson, Niels, 1963-      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Peterson, Roy Eric, 1936-2013

Peterson, Steve

Pethick, Jerry, 1936-2003

Petley-Jones, Llewelyn, 1908-1986

Petterson, Andre, 1950-

Pfeifer, Bodo, 1939-

Phifer, Michael, fl.1970's

Phillips, Brad, 1974-

Phillips, Kelly, fl.1980's

Phipps, Lynn, 1936-

Piasta, Laura

Picard, James, 1964-

Pickering, Dale Woods, fl.1980's

Pickersgill, Peter (Pic), 1945-

Piddington, Helen Vivian, 1931-

Piroche, Setsuko Nane, 1933-

Pirrie, David

Pitch, Marcia, 1947-

Pitts, Arthur D. J., 1889-1972

Plaskett, Joseph Francis (Joe), 1918-2014

Plavsic, Vladimir, 1930-2014

Playfair, Mrs. Hugh (see England, Kathleen M., 1908-)

Plewman, Veronica, 1948-

Plunkett-Norris, Peter

Poignant, Ernie, 1919-

Point, Susan, 1952-      [Coast Salish:Musqueam]

Pointe, Shane      [Coast Salish:Musqueam]

Polkinghorne, Ted, 1950-

Pommier, Claudine

Poole, Leslie Donald, 1942-

Popperwell, Anne, 1948-

Portelance, Joseph Eugene Donald, 1938-

Porteous, Cameron, 1938-

Porteous, William

Porter, Tim

Poser, Carol, 1958-

Posselt, Jurgen, 1954-2013

Poustka, Denis, fl.1980's

Poznanski, Helga, fl.1980's

Prahara, Sandra, fl.1970's

Pratt, Charles Edward (Ned), 1911-1996

Pratt, Elspeth

Pratt, George Forbes, 1939-

Pratt, Ned

Preston, Mima

Prince, Richard E, 1949-  RCA

Pritchard, Jillian

Pugh, Valerie

Pulice, Foncie, 1914-2003

Pullen, Lucy, 1971-

Purschwitz, Natalie