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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.

Frayed Edges

Frayed Edges by Pat O'Hara

Frayed Edges by Pat O'Hara

image used with permission


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Oberlander, Cornelia, 1921-

O'Brien-ffrench, Conrad T., 1893-1986

Ochs, Peter Paul, 1931-1994

Ockwell, Susan

Odjig, Daphne, 1919-2016, (aka Mrs. Chester Beavon)

O'Donnell, Tatianna M., 1949

Ogden, J. William, 1859-1936

Ohama, Linda, fl.1980's

Ohannesian, Paul

O'Hara, Pat

Ohm-Eriksen, Cecilia

Okano, Haruko

Okey, Ronald N., 1921-

Okoye, Chidi, 1921-

Oldroyd, Den (Dennis), fl.1980's

Olsen, Lance, 1943-

Olson, Roberta, fl.1970's

O'Mara, James (Jim), fl.1960's

Onley, Lynn, 1953-

Onley, Toni, 1928-2004

Oraf, 1948-

Osborne, John Spendley, fl.1970's

Ostrem, David, 1945-

Ota, Kuniko, 1944-

Otto, Guttorn, 1919-2012

Ouimet, Gary, fl.1980's

Overfield, Richard, 1953-

Owen, Fred, 1934-

Oxborough, Dorothy Marie, 1922-2014 (aka Mrs. H.A. Johnson)

Ozistalis (see Speck, Henry, Chief)