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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.

Alice and Rabbit

Alice and Rabbit by Miranda Mallinson

image used with permission


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Maas, Geert, 1944-

Maddeaux, Daryl, 1952-

Madill, Kevin

Magil, Ketty, fl.1970's

Magor, Liz (Elizabeth), 1948-

Mah, Anna, fl.1980's

Mah, James W., 1949-

Mahon, Patrick

Mahovsky, Trevor

Majano, Paulo

Majiski, Joyce

Major, Richard Walter, 1899-

Malakoff, Kristi

Malhame, Violette (see Malhame, Vilette, fl. 1960's)

Malhame, Vilette, fl.1960's

Malkin, Dennis, fl.1980's

Mallandaine, Edward, 1827-1905

Mallet, Kyla, 1976-

Mallinson, Anthea, 1954-

Mallinson, Miranda J., 1959-

Malloff, Georganna, 1936-

Mancuso, Michael

Mandad, 1951- (aka Ray Carter)

Manning, Dorothy, 1940-1980

Manuel, Lloyd, 1948-

ManWoman, 1938- (aka Kemball, Patrick Charles, 1938-2004)

Marchuk, Edward, 1941-2002

Marcus, Richard, 1951-

Marega, Charles, 1875-1939

Markell, Jack Harold, 1919-1979

Markham, Michael J., 1946-

Marola, Bortolo, fl.1980's

Marotz, Rick, fl.1980's

Marr, Joan

Marshall, David Franklin, 1928-2006

Marshall, Laurie, 1956-

Marshall, Pat, 1951-

Marshall, Roz, 1947-

Marshall, Teresa, 1962-

Marshall, Vicky, 1952-

Martin, Agnes, 1912-2004

Martin, Ian, 1945-

Martin, Mungo, Chief, 1879-1962      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Martin, Robert, fl.1980's

Masik, Pamela

Masse, Gloria, fl.1980's

Masse, Robert (Bob), ca.1943-

Massey, Dunstan, 1924-

Massey, Geoffrey, 1924-

Massey, Scott

Mathieu, Paul

Matsuzakai, Eva, 1944-

May, Henrietta Mabel, 1877-1971

Mayhew, Elza, 1916-2004 (aka Mrs. Alan Mayhew)

Mayhew, Robert, 1905-

Maylone, Bettina, fl.1980's

Maynard, Hannah Hatherly, 1834-1918 (aka Mrs. Richard

Maynard, Max, 1903-1982

Maynard, Mrs Richard (see Maynard, Hannah Hatherly,

Mayor, Robin, 1937-

Mayrs, David Blair, 1935-

Mayrs, Frank Black, 1934-1944

Mayrs, William John Black (Bill), 1932-

Meadows, Lyman

Medley, Ursula, fl.1970's

Mees, Monique, ca.1964-

Meigs, Sandra, 1953-

Melendy, Anthony (Tony) (aka Melendy, Hi)

Melendy, Hi (see Melendy, Anthony (Tony))

Melmoth Group, 1982-

Melvin, Grace Wilson, 1892-1977

Melvin, Philip, 1938-2010

Menabney, Joe, fl.1980's

Mendoza, Sym (Sofronio Ylanan), 1934-

Mennie, Stephen, 1945-

Merino, Luis, 1942-

Merkel, Gary, 1955-

Merrick, Paul, 1938-

Messner, Rudolf Anton, 1912-1997

Metcalfe, Eric, 1940- (aka Dr. Brute)

Metz, Valerie

Meyer, Uwe

Meyers, Betty, fl.1960's

Michel, Karl, fl.1970's

Michener, John, fl.1980's

Michener, Robert, 1935-

Michener, Sally, 1935-

Middleton, Janet (Holly B.), 1922 (aka Mrs. J. M. Churchill)

Mikelson, Arnold, 1922-1994

Mikkelson, Douglas, 1941-

Miles, Fred, 1950-1999

Miles, Mary Comber, 1933- (aka Mrs. Victor Miles)

Miles, Victor, 1929-

Milinkovich, Egon, 1925-1990

Millar, Clara Louise, ca.1888

Mills, Clarence      [Haida]

Minden, Robert, fl.1970's

Mr. Gilbert see Gilbert

Mr. Peanut (see Trasov, Vincent)

Mitchell, Bill, fl.1970's

Mitchell, Donald H., fl.1950's

Mitchell, John, fl.1980's

Mitchell, Joyce

Mitchell, Keith, 1947-

Mohr, Irene

Moiseiwitsch, Carel

Monahan, Hugh, 1914-1970

Monical, Len, 1939-

Montague, Joseph, fl.1990's

Montgomery, Sheila A. (Ann), 1935-

Montpellier, Paul E., 1949-

Moody, Rufus, 1923-1998      [Haida]

Moore, Gareth

Moppett, Damien

Morgan, Joey, fl.1980's

Morgan, Judith Phyllis, 1930-      [Gitxsan]

Morgan, Philip, fl.1960's

Morris, Michael William, 1942-

Morris, Simon, 1958-

Morrison, Alex

Morrow, Patrick, 1952-

Morstad, Julie

Morton, Christine

Morton, Douglas, 1926-2004

Mowatt, Fiona

Mowatt, Ken, 1944-

Muecke, Carl

Muir, Bruce, 1953-

Muirhead, Ross, 1956-

Muldoe, Earl, 1936-      [Gitxsan]

Muldon, Earl (see Muldoe, Earl, 1936-)

Mulligan, Lorna, 1956-

Mulvey, Ron, 1953-

Mundy, Elizabeth, fl.1980's (aka Mrs John C. Mundy)

Mundy, Mrs John C. (see Mundy, Elizabeth, fl.1980's)

Munro, Ross

Murdock, Greg, 1954-

Murfitt, Warren, 1954-

Murray, Charlotte

Murray, Derik, 1956-

Murray, Ian, fl.1980's

Murray, Robert Gray, 1936-

Myndzak, Allan, 1954-