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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.

Monument for East Vancouver

Monument for East Vancouver by Ken Lum (photo by .krisztina.)

Monument for East Vancouver by Ken Lum (photo by Krisztina Kun)

image used with permission


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Laba, Robyn

Labonte, James, fl.1980's

LaFave, Kim, fl.1970's

Laing, Hamilton Mack, 1883-1992

Laing, Rohana, fl.1970's

Laiwan, 1961-

Lake, Stan, fl.1980's (aka Stan Leak)

Lam, David, 1935-

Lam, Gwenessa

Lam, Sam, 1963-

Lamb, Harold Mortimer, 1872-1970

Lamb, Laura

Lambert, Lucie, 1947-

Lambert, Zoe, fl.1980's

Lamont, Gwen Kortright, 1909-1978 (aka Mrs. J.M. Lamont)

Lander, Theresa, ca.1946- (aka Mrs. Alois Lander)

Lander, Theresa, ca.1946- (aka Mrs. Horace Ayliffe Langford)

Lanois, Hélène, fl.1990s

Lansdowne, Edith Ford, fl.1970's (aka Mrs. Ernest Lansdowne)

Lansdowne, James Fenwick, 1937-2008

Lantin, Edgardo, 1953-

Laplante, William, fl.1970's

Laq, Laura Wee Lay (see Wee Lay Laq, Laura)

Laskarin, Daniel

Latour, Toni

Latremouille, Lori-Ann, 1963-

Lawlor, Michael, 1948-2011

Lawton, Patricia Neil, fl.1990's

Leach, Prudence, fl.1970's

Leader, Eve

Leak, Stan (see Lake, Stan, fl.1980's)

Leal, Ron

Leathers, Mrs. Audrey Riller (see Riller, Audrey, 1934-)

Lechleiter, Rudy, 1947-

Lee, Evan

Lee, TIm, 1975-

Lee-Nova, Gary, 1943-

Legate, Shirley, 1929-2016 (aka Shirley Legate MacDonald and Shirley Legate Pinsent)

Leibik, Susan, fl.1990's

Leidenfrost, Wayne, ca.1954-

Leier, Grant, 1956-

Leighton, Doug, fl.1980's

Leisen, Donna, fl.1980's

Leishman, James D. (Jim), 1950-

Lemieux, Lyse, 1956-

Lennie, Beatrice, 1905-1987

Le Page, Terrance D. (Terry), 1934-

Levine, Paula, 1948-

Levy, Gabriel

Lewis, Bettina Sluzki, 1933-2005

Lewis, Francis Robert (Frank), 1932-2013

Lewis, Glenn Alun, 1935-

Lewis, Mark, 1957-

Leydon, Sara, 1959-

Leyland, Jack, fl.1970's

Li, Raymond, 1937-

Lightbown, Greg (White), 1953-      [Haida]

Li-Leger, Cora, fl.1980's

Li-Leger, Don, 1948-

Lim, Ae Cho (see Batts, Miriam)

Lim, Penny

Lim, Sing, fl.1970's

Limners, The (group), 1971-1981?

Lin, Chien Shih, 1918-

Lincke, Wolf Eckhard, 1909-

Lindfield, James, 1952-2014

Lindoe, Vivian, fl.1970's

Linkert, Lo, 1923-

Linklater, Mark, fl.1980's

Linsley, Robert, 1952-2017

Lippingwell, Dee, fl.1980's

Litchfield, William O., fl.1970's

Littlechild, George, 1958-      [Plains Cree]

Liu, An Te, 1967-

Liu, Mary-Ann, fl.1980's

Livingstone, Doris, fl.1970's

Lobe, Cheryl Mae, fl.1980's

Lock, Wanda, 1969-

Lockerby, Gordon, fl.1960's

Lodge, Judith, 1941-

Loenen, Edward John, 1938-

Loewe, Eric, 1892-?

Loewen, James, fl.1990's

Logan, Jim, 1955-      [Metis]

Logan, Sam

Logie, Patricia Winifred, 1925-2011 (aka Mrs. Robert Logie)

Lombard, Catherine, fl.1980's

Long, Anna (see Banana, Anna, 1940-)

Long, John, fl.1970's

Long, Joy Zemel, 1922-

Lopez, Carol, fl.1980's

Lort, Ross, 1890-1968

Lowe, Stephen, 1938-1975

Lowry, Miles

Lubatovich-Lu, Tatiana, 1899?-1991

Lukacs, Attila Richard, 1962-

Lum, Ken, 1956-

Lunden, Duane, 1946-

Lycan, Kelly

Lynch, Brent, fl.1980's

Lynde, Peter, fl.1970's

Lynn, Lou, fl.1980's

Lyon, Bernie

Lyth, Erik, fl.1970's