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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.

Echo Bay-Gifford Island

Echo Bay, Gilford Island

Echo Bay-Gifford Island by E.J. Hughes

image used with permission


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Haag, Joseph, 1945-

Hagerman, Donna, 1952-

Halfnight, Sharon

Halfyard, John, 1881-1974

Hall, Sheila, 1947-

Hall, Tom, 1885-

Halloran, Gordon, 194?-

Halm, Renée Van, 1949-

Hamasaki, Kazuo, 1925-2005

Hambleton, Jack, 1916-1988

Hambleton, Richard Art (Rick), 1952-2017 (aka Mr. Reece)

Hambleton, Richard Art (Rick), 1952-2017 (aka R. Dick Trace-it))

Hamilton, Gerald, 1923-1999

Hamlin, Wendy, 1952-

Hannah, Adad, 1971-

Hara, Sue, fl.1980's

Haraldsson, Arni Runar, 1958-

Hardcastle, John Wilfred (Jack), 1881-1973

Hardman, Jack Nelson, 1923-1996

Hardy, Michele

Harjula, Terence, 1931-

Harman, Jack Kenneth, 1927-2001

Harris, Brian, 1951-

Harris, Chris, 1951-

Harris, E. A., fl.1980's

Harris, Salmon, 1948-

Harris, Walter, 1931-2009 (aka Simogyet Geel)      [Gitxsan]

Harrison, Philip Greig, 1942-

Harrison, Ted, 1926-2015

Harrop, Graham, fl.1970's

Harry, Rick      [Coast Salish: Squamish]

Hart, Jim 1953-      [Haida]

Harvey, Allan, fl.1980's

Harvey, Donald, 1930-2015

Haseltine, Hilary, fl.1980's

Hattenberger, Patrick, fl.1980's

Haufschild, Lutz, 1943-

Hauser, Iris, 1956-

Hawkes, Kiku, fl.1980's

Hayward, Christopher, 1938-

Head, Kevin, 1969-

Hedrick, Ron

Heelas, Doreen, fl.1940's

Heighton, Brent, 1954-

Heine, Harry, 1928-2004

Held, Robert, fl.1980's

Helin, Bill, 1960-      [Tsimshian]

Heller, Barbara, fl.1980's

Hemmerick, Ken

Henderson, D'Arcy Stuart, 1940-

Henderson, Sam, 1905-1982      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Henriquez, Gregory, 1963-

Henriquez, Richard, 1941-

Henry, Theresa, 1962-

Hermesh, Michael, 1955-

Herzog, Fred, 1930-

Heslin, Colleen, 1976-

Hessay, Carle, c1911-1978

Hexamer, Ron, 1935-

Higinbotham, Jean Trilby, 1923-

Hilckman, Bert, fl.1970's

Hilder, Jamie, 1977-

Hillman, Susan, 1945-

Hirabayashi, Alix, 1948-

Hirnschall, Helmut, 1933-2003

Hirsch, Antonia, 1951-

Hiscock, Keith, 1952-

Hitchcock, Sharon, 1951-2009      [Haida]

Hoare, Elizabeth, fl.1960's

Hoffman, Alan

Holl Hunt, Pamela (see: Hunt, Pamela Holl, [1945]-)

Holland, Kiff, 1942-

Holliday, Charles William, 1870-1955

Hollingsworth, Fred Thornton, 1917-2015

Holm, Nels, fl.1980's

Holmes, Rand (Randolph), 1942-2002

Holmes, Reginald, 1934-

Honey, Ken, fl.1970's

Honisch, Martin, 1942-

Hoogen, Richard (Dick) van den, 1916-1978 (aka Van den Hoogen, Richard, 1916-1978)

Hopkins, Elisabeth Margaret, 1894-1991

Hopper, Robin, 1939-2017

Hornblow, David, fl.1980's

Hornsby, Michael

Horton, John M., 1934-

Hoskins, Ruby, 1909-2004

House, Kevin

Houston, Deryk, 1954-

Howarth, Glenn Edward, 1946-2009

Howe, John, 1957-

Howells, Paul, fl.1980's

Howes, Hadley, 1966- (see Stephens, Maxwell, 1973)

Hoy, C.D. (Chow Dong Hoy), 1883-1973

Hoy, Julie

Hoyt, Erich, 1950-

Hrabluik, Allison

Huebner, Ron, 1959-2004

Hughes, Edward John, 1913-2007

Hughes, Lynn, 1951-

Hughes, Patrick, fl.1980's

Hume, Timothy, [1949]- (aka Raven Hume)

Humston, Siobahn

Hung, alan Chung, 1946-1994 (see Chung Hung, Alan, 1946-1994)

Hunt, Calvin, 1956-      [Kwakwaka'wakw:Kwagiulth]

Hunt, Henry, 1923-1985      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Hunt, Pamela Holl, 1945-

Hunt, Richard, 1951-      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Hunt, Shawn, 1975-      [Heiltsuk]

Hunt, Tony, 1942-      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Hunter, Gordon, fl.1970's

Hunter, Michael, 1956-

Hutchens, Gordon, 1949-

Hutchinson, Don

Hutchison, James, fl.1980's

Hutton, Gwen Kortright (see Lamont, Gwen Kortright, 1909-1979)