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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.

Bill Gunterman and a woman dressed for a masquerade

Bill Gunterman and a woman dressed for a masquerade by Mattie Gunterman

Bill Gunterman and a woman dressed for a masquerade by Ida Madeline Warner (Mattie) Gunterman

Will and a friend disguised in trans-gendered attire for a masquerade party in New Westminster, possibly Victoria Day, spring 1902 -from book 'Flapjacks and Photographs' by Henri Robideau 1995 p.75.  (image used with permission
VPL Accession # 2270)


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Gabanek, Joseph, 1923-2011

Gabankova, Maria, 1951-

Galanin, Nicholas, 1979-      [Tlingit-Aleut]

Galbraith, Angus (Gus), 1932-2013

Gallagher, Chris, 1951-

Gallant, Illarion

Gambioli, Joan D., 1920-1985

Gamble, Adrianna

Gammon, Lynda, 1949-

Garant, Jennifer, 1959-

Gardner, Tim, 1973-

Garner, Alec John, 1895-1975

Garnier, Karie, fl.1980's

Garrett, Dawne, fl.1970's

Gendi, Betty (see Woo, Betty)

Genn, Robert, 1936-2014

Gerberick, Kenneth, fl.1980's

Gergley, Chris, 1973-

Gerz, Jochen

Gibbons, Sheila, fl.1970's

Gibbs, Leonard James (Len), 1929-2010

Gibson, Ann, 1933-

Gibson, George Selkirk, 1867-1942

Gibson, Rick, 1951-

Gifford, Edward M., fl.1980's

Gijssen, Teun

Gilbert (Mr Gilbert)

Gilbert, Gerry, 1936-2009

Gilbert, (William) Herbert, 1927-2005

Gilbert, John Martin, 1920-2013

Gildersleeve, Rod

Gill, Ameen, 1966-

Gill, Don, 1953-

Gillmore, Graham, 1963-

Girard, Greg, 1955-

Girvan, John, 1877-1957

Glabush, Sky, 1970-

Glavina, Margaret

Glover, Dave, fl.1970's

Glyde, HG (Henry George), 1906-1998

Goatley, David, 1954-

Godwin, Phyllis (see Godwin, Ted)

Goldberg, Lori, 1956-

Goldman, Mona, fl.1970's

Goldstein, Dina, 1969-

Gomez-Perales, Juan L., 1957-

Goodall, Edward, 1909-1982

Goranson, Paul Alexander, 1911-2002

Gordaneer, James Edward, 1933-2016

Gourley, Patrick, fl.1980's

Gower, John

Grady, Mark, 1952-

Graff, Thomas (Tom), fl.1970's

Grafton, Frances, fl.1980's

Graham, Colin, 1915-2010

Graham, Rodney, 1949-

Graham, Steven, fl.1980's

Granirer, Pnina, 1935-

Gransby, Susan, 1947-

Grant, Dorothy      [Haida]

Grant, George W., 1919-2016

Grant, Ted

Grauer, Gay Sherrard (Sherry), 1939- (see Grauer, Sherry, 1939-)

Grauer, Sherrard (Sherry), 1939- (see Grauer, Sherry, 1939-)

Grauer, Sherry, 1939- (aka Grauer, (Gay) Sherrard, 1939-)

Gravel, Francine, 1944- (aka Mrs. Lucien Compernol)

Green, Arthur (Art), 1941-

Green, Glen, 1956-

Green, Mary C., fl.1970's

Green, Roy, fl.1980s

Greenberg, Lorne, 1948-

Greene, Stan, 1953-      [Coast Salish]

Greer, Lenna

Gregory, Doane, fl.1980's

Greig, Barbara, fl.1980's

Greinart, Eugenia, 1914-1997

Grewer, Theo, 1911-

Grice, Art, fl.1970's

Grier, Mrs Eldon (see Tait, Sylvia, 1932-)

Griffin, Helen Wodehouse, 1918-1984 (aka Mrs. Thomas Griffin)

Griffith, Julius (Jr.), 1912-1997

Griffiths, Gilbert Joseph (Bus), 1913-2006

Grison, Brian, 1947-

Groening, Torrie, fl.1980's

Gross, Richard, 1943-

Grossmann, Angela, 1955-

Grundle, John L. (Jack), 1922-2004

Gu, Xiong, 1954-

Guderna, Martin, 1956-

Guderna, Ladislav, 1921-1999

Gulezko, Walter, fl.1980's

Guns, Brian, fl.1970's

Gunterman, Mattie, 1872-1945

Guo, Simone (Ximeng)