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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.

Summer on the Mountain 2011

Summer on the Mountain 2011, a painting in four parts (part 4) by Diana Zoe Coop

image used with permission


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Caetani, Sveva, 1917-1994

Cairns, Pat, 1929-1996

Callan, Les, 1905-1986

Cameron, Chris

Campbell, Arabella, 1973-

Campbell, Blaine

Campbell, Clive

Campbell, Colin, 1958-

Campbell, Elizanne (Elizabeth Ann)

Campbell, Jack, 1931-2014

Campbell, Kati

Campbell, Leyda, 1949-

Cardew, Peter, 1939-

Carius, Frank (Franz)

Carl, James, 1960-

Carney, Gail, 1947-2015

Caros, Joy, c1933-

Carpenter, Aaron, 1976-

Carr, Emily, 1871-1945

Carranza, Fabiola, 1983-

Carswell, Rick

Carter, Dudley Christopher, 1891-1992

Carter, Liz      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Carter, Ray, 1951 (see Mandad, 1951)

Carter, Sam, fl.1980's

Caruso, Gordon, 1923-2004

Casprowitz, George, 1940-

Castro, Alberto de, 1952-

Castro, Robert de, 1924-1986

Cat, Ivan The, (see ManWoman)

Cavelti, Toni, 1931-

Caveno, Joseph, 1939-

Cavouk, Artin (aka Cavoukian)

Chan, David

Chan, Rebecca

Chang, Ching Ku, 1914-

Chang, Mary (Mary Sew Lun Chang) 1927-2015

Chang, Simon, 1947-

Chaplin, Carl, 1946-

Chapman, Fred

Chapnick, Karen, 1950-2008

Chappell, Georgiana, fl.1980s

Charlie, Simon, 1920-2005      [Coast Salish]

Charnetski, John Alexander, 1935-

Chase, Sherrill, 1942-

Cheney, Anna Gertrude Lawson, 1897-1985 (aka Cheney,
Nan Lawson)

Cheng, James K M, 1947-

Chesher, Deborah, 1954-

Chien-Shih, Lin, 1918-

Chin, Albert, fl.1980's

Chodirker, Norm, fl.1980's

Choit, Barb, 1977-

Chow, Raymond, 1941-

Chowne, Alfred, 1924-2012

Christy, Jim, 1945-

Chu, Tony Yin Tak

Chu, Wilson, 1946-

Chung Hung, Alan, 1946-1994

Churchill, Mrs J. M. (see Middleton, Janet (Holly B.), 1922)

Ciccimarra, Richard Matthew, 1924-1973

Claffey, Carol, fl. 1998

Clark, Mrs. Geoffrey (see Clark, Melodie Elliott)

Clark, Melodie Elliott (aka Clark, MrsGeoffrey), ?-2003

Clark, Rodney

Clarkes, Lincoln, 1957-

Clarkson, Phillip

Class, Gerhard, 1924-1997

Claxton, Dana, 1959-      [Lakota]

Clay, Allyson, 1953-

Cleland, Dana

Clothier, Robert A., 1921-1999

Clutesi, George C., 1905-1988

Clymer, John Ford, 1907-1989

Coates, Robert, fl.1980's

Coates, Wells, 1895-1958

Cogswell, Barry, 1939-2017

Cohen, Becky, fl.1980's

Cohen, Larry, fl.1980's

Cole, Barbara, fl.1980's

Cole, Harry C., 1900-

Collin, Celia, fl.1970's

Collings, Charles John, 1848-1931

Collins, Dan, fl.1980's

Colp, Donald, fl.1970's

Compernol, Mrs. Lucien (see Gravel, Francine, 1944-)

Congdon, Daniel

Conrad, Daniel, fl.1980's

Cook, Jo, 1946-

Coop, Diana Zoe, 1952-

Cooper, David, fl.1980's

Corbet, Christian Cardell, 1966-

Corkan, Jan, 1956-

Corsaut, Share, 1947-

Costain, Robin, 1961-1995

Costello, Violet, 1957-

Cotton, Peter, 1918-1978

Coucill, Walter Jackson, 1915-1982

Coughtry, Graham, 1931-1999

Coupey, Pierre, 1942-

Coupland, Doug, 1961-

Courcy, Michael John de, 1944- (see DeCourcy, Michael John, 1944-)

Coutts, Joe, fl.1980's

Cowin, Douglas, fl.1970's

Cowley-Brown, Patrick George, 1918-2007

Cox, Horace Gordon, 1885-1972

Cragg, Heather, 1953-1980

Craig, Kate, 1947-2002

Cranmer, Douglas, 1927-2006      [Kwakwaka'wakw]

Crawford, Bruce, 1939-

Crawford, Jan, 1957?-

Creighton-Kelly, Chris, fl.1980's

Cronyn, Hugh, 1905-1996

Cross, Joseph, 1949-

Cross, Nicolette, fl.1980's

Crossley, Alf

Cuesta, Claudia

Cuevas, Rose Marie

Cummins, James (Jim), 1954- (aka I, Braineater)

Cupit, William (Bill), 1946-

Currelly, Judith (Judy), 1946-

Curry, Gwen, 1950-

Cutler, Randy Lee