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BC Artists Files A-Z

VPL Central Branch maintains files with clippings and ephemeral material on BC artists. They can be found on Level 7 in Special Collections. Available by in-person request.


Fireworks by Gary Ratushniak

image used with permission


Use the BC Artists Files A-Z list to determine whether VPL has a file on the BC artist you are researching. The artists files, which are largely comprised of news articles, gallery mailings and miscellaneous pamphlet material, are located at the Central Library. Please ask an information staff member for access to these files. Note that artists files are reference items and must be used in the library.


Radford, John A., 1860-1940

Radmore, Dianne

Radul, Judy, 1962-

Raeside, Adrian, 1957-

Raewazny, Diane

Ragnar (Ragnar Bertelsen)

Raja-Aho, Henry, 1956-

Rajala, Daniel, 1954-

Rammell, George, 1952-

Ramsay, Colin Cameron, 1891-1966

Ramsey, Ellen

Rand, Paul, 1896-1970

Raphanel, Philippe, 1956-

Rattenbury, Francis Mawson, 1867-1935

Ratushniak, Gary, 1957-

Rautiainen, Kaija (see: Tyni-Rautiainen, Kaija)

Razutis, Al, 1946-

Rea, Charles

Read, Jason      [Coast Salish]

Redivo, Hugo

Redl, Harry, 1926-

Reece, Victor, 1946-2010      [Tsimshian]

Reed, Archibald Heurtley, 1873-1965

Reed, William E., fl.1970's

Reedyk, Ray, 1959-

Reee, Mr. (see Hambleton, Richard [Rick] 1952-2017)

Rees, Geoffrey, 1930-

Reeves, Ben, 1969-

Regehr, Catherine

Reid, Bill, 1920-1998      [Haida]

Reid, Irene Hoffar, 1908-1994

Reid, Richard, 1930-

Reid, Terrence (Terry) Edward, 1942-

Reid, William (Bill) Ronald, (see Reid, Bill, 1920-1998)

Renaud, June, 1917-

Rennie, Bill, 1953-

Rennie, Robert, fl.1980's

Rice, Chick, 1954-

Rice, Gordon, 1933-

Rich, Norman D., ca.1943-

Rickard, Vincent

Righton, Colin, ca.1936-

Riller, Audrey, 1934- (aka Mrs. Audrey Riller Leathers)

Rimmer, David McLellan, 1942-

Rimmer, James A., 1934-2010

Ripley, Robin

Rivard, Jerry, ca.1944-

Rivet, Rick, 1949-      [Metis]

Roberts, David, 1948-

Roberts, Tomtu H., 1859-1938

Robertson, Henry, 1934-2016      [Haisla]

Robertson, Maisie, 1910-1998

Robertson, Marjorie, 1912-

Robideau, Henri, 1946-

Robins, Tony

Robinson, Clifford Feard, 1917-1992

Robinson, David, 1964-

Robinson, Peter

Robinson, Rick, 1944-2006

Robson, Frances

Robson, Lari

Rochon, Louis-Jacques

Rock, Geoffrey A., 1923-2000

Rogers, Joanna

Root, Derek, 1960-

Roper, Edward, 1833-1909

Ross, Adrian

Ross, Richard Bartlett (Rick), 1940-

Roth, Evelyn Margaret, 1936-

Roy, Elizabeth

Roy, Marina

Rule, Ron

Ruwedel, Mark, 1954-

Ryan, Christopher

Ryan, Jim

Ryan, Margaret

Ryon, Gayle