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British Columbia History

The Vancouver Public Library has extensive primary and secondary resources on the history of British Columbia. This guide is designed to help you begin your research on this topic and use library resources effectively.


Long shown on B.C. Nautical Charts, the sailing vessel Panther is one of the most well known wrecks of the British Columbia Coast.

The wreck of the Clipper Panther sits off the southernmost point of British Columbia's Wallace Island. The Clipper Reporter, shown above, was designed and built by the same ship builder, Paul Curtis, in the 1850's of similar size and shape.

The ship is one of the oldest and most important means of transportation. Every day, thousands of ships cross the oceans, sail along seacoasts, and travel on inland waterways. Trade and the economic health of the world's countries depend heavily on the shipping industry.
In addition to the select resources listed here, Level 4 of the Central Library houses the Ships File, a historic, card citation index of ship names. 

Recommended Books