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Company Information

This guide will help you find materials at the Vancouver Public Library and on the Internet for locating company information.


Carnegie Library Business and Economics Department, VPL # 88203, 1957, photographer unknown

This page lists some of the specialized resources that are available at the Vancouver Public Library and online for locating historical company information. All of the print resources can be found at the Central Library. If you need help using any of the resources or can't find the information you are looking for in this guide, speak to a VPL information staff member.

Recommended Books


VPL maintains a collection of historical trade directories, city directories and yellow pages.

  • Trade directories contain brief company information, contact information, and specialized industry information. VPL has historical trade directories for a variety of industries.
  • City directories can be used to find location information and sometimes ownership of a company. VPL maintains a collection of directories for BC cities. 1860-1955 directories can be found online (see link under Suggested Online Resources) and 1956- directories can be found in the Special Collections Department at Central Library.
  • VPL holds a collection of past telephone books for major Canadian cities.

Financial Post Cards

VPL has a collection of Historical Financial Post Cards going back 70 years. They include general company information, executive names, operations, news, history and financials for Canadian public companies. These cards are the predecessor to the FP Advisor database. To access FP Advisor, click the link in the Suggested Electronic Resources box on the left.

Annual Reports

VPL maintains a collection of annual reports for BC and Canadian companies. Not all annual reports are catalogued and reports for some companies go as far back as the 1950s.

Additional annual reports can be found in SEDAR (Canadian public companies), EDGAR (US public companies), and in the TPL Recommended Websites. See the Useful Websites box on the right sidebar for links.

Print Indexes

Indexes may be helpful in finding citations to articles about a company. Listed are a few Canadian business focused print indexes available at VPL. For more suggestions, see the Business Card Index, Suggested Online Resources, and the Newspapers at VPL Research Guide.