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Maps at VPL

The VPL map collection includes maps and atlases of every description: from street maps of present-day Vancouver to historical atlases of ancient Rome, from bathymetric maps of the ocean floor to geological maps of Jupiter's moons.


This collection of maps contains trail and park maps of British Columbia, Washington State, and a few other Canadian and international parks and trails. Most provincial and national parks in B.C. and Alberta are covered. Forest District Recreation maps, Coastal Recreation maps and a complete set of provincial park maps are also found in this collection

Access: For B.C. trails and parks, use the Trail and Park Maps Index to look-up the name of a particular park or trail.  A print copy of this index is available on Level 6.

Hints: If you cannot find a map under its most common name, try looking up the region where it is located instead. For example, if you are looking for a map of Yahk Provincial Park, you will find a note in the Index under "Yahk" that refers you to the Arrow and Kootenay Lake Forest District map.

If you are looking for maps of the West Coast Trail, simply look under "West Coast Trail".

The Forest District Recreation Maps are listed separately under Forest District Maps and there is a print index to this series on Level 6.

For trail and park maps located outside of British Columbia, look for the map you want in the Level 6 Map Area filing cabinets.

Location: Level 6 Map Area filing cabinets.