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Maps at VPL

The VPL map collection includes maps and atlases of every description: from street maps of present-day Vancouver to historical atlases of ancient Rome, from bathymetric maps of the ocean floor to geological maps of Jupiter's moons.


Thematic maps are special-purpose maps that show information on particular themes or subjects. The VPL collection of thematic maps is international in scope, with a special emphasis on British Columbia. There are maps on a wide variety of subjects, for example: First Nations' reservations, electoral boundaries, polar regions, historical events, land use, geology, epidemiology, economy, transportation, lunar charts, maps depicting the heavens and much more. Many National Geographic Society maps are also found in this collection.

Most of the thematic maps are catalogued; however those thematic maps which are issued as part of a series are not catalogued. Thematic maps which are catalogued are listed in VPL's online catalogue. For assistance in finding thematic maps, please see the Information staff.

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