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Maps at VPL

The VPL map collection includes maps and atlases of every description: from street maps of present-day Vancouver to historical atlases of ancient Rome, from bathymetric maps of the ocean floor to geological maps of Jupiter's moons.


If you can't find the map you're looking for at the Vancouver Public Library, the following Lower Mainland libraries, agencies and bookstores may be able to help you.

Air Photo Collection (Geographic Information Centre, U.B.C.)
A large collection of aerial photos as well as maps of B.C.

Natural Resources Canada
The library of Natural Resources Canada in Vancouver is open to the public.

International Travel Maps and Books
This commercial store sells travel, recreation and road maps and topographic maps of B.C.

Provides B.C. mapping products such as TRIM maps, air photos & satellite imagery.

Rare Books and Special Collections - Map Collections (U.B.C.)
A collection of maps, charts and plans of British Columbia of historical value.

Simon Fraser University - GIS and Maps Information Resources
A significant collection of maps, including topographic maps of Canada and the United States.

U.B.C. Maps and Atlases
The University of British Columbia has one of the largest collections of maps and atlases in Canada. This collection is open to the general public.

City of Vancouver Archives

The Vancouver archives has a collection 4,000 maps, dating from the late 1700s to the present day. The maps, most of which are of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, come from a variety of sources, both public and private. Over half of these maps have been digitized and can be viewed online.