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ESL Self-Guided Tour & Quiz: For Instructors

The self-guided tour and quiz are designed to help adult ESL students use the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library. This exercise is intended to give ESL students the skills necessary to navigate a large public library.

Encourage your students to work through these tasks independently of our staff. We have included instructions and hints that will help the students answer the questions successfully. If your students do feel stuck, however, please assure them that we are available to help them.

The assignment is divided into two parts. The time needed to complete the tasks will vary depending upon a student’s English language skills, previous experience with computers and North American libraries.

We recommend that you take the tour yourself before visiting with your students. Please feel free to adapt the self-guided tour and assignment to suit the needs of your students and the time you have allotted.

Assign Part I (questions 1-12) to students from upper beginner to low-intermediate levels.

Assign Part I and Part II (questions 1-24) to students from intermediate level and up.
(*Please note that Part 11 can be completed outside the library at a computer with an Internet connection from the Vancouver Public Library homepage,

We welcome feedback from you and your students about this activity. Please e-mail your comments to

Instructors' Answer Key

1)         4, 5 or 2, 4, 5
2)         Any 3 - Popular Reading Library, Multilingual Collection, Teen Library, New Books,  Fiction, DVDs, Audiobooks
3)         Any 5 - Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese
4)         6-9900
5)         Any 2 - Computer Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sociology
6)         The number should begin with 428.34 Re
7)         Re1 – Beginner, Re2 – Intermediate, Re3  - Advanced
8)         Accept any title that sounds likely
9)         Arabic           492.7
            Chinese       495.1(8)
            French          440-448
            Japanese     495.6
            Korean          495.7
            Persian (Farsi) 491.5
            Russian        491.7
            Spanish        460-468
            Tagalog         499.21
            Vietnamese  495.92
10)      Answers will vary
11)      780 – 999
12)      120 minutes
13)      Helen Sophia Solorzano
14)      428.34 Li2K6ca
15)      Level 4 ESL
16)      Any one of: Basic English Grammar; Fundamentals of English Grammar; Understanding and Using English Grammar
17)      ESL
18)      There are dozens of possibilities. Accept any title that sounds likely. All call numbers will be in the 658’s or 300’s
19)      Central Adult Non Fiction
20)      784.3064 C21L
21)      Any of the following: Luna; Home I'll be; Instrument of peace; O sole mio; Nella fantasia; A vucchella; Perfect gift; Because we believe; Adagio; Belle; Ave Maria; Song for the   Mira; Non ti scordar di me; I only know how to love; Always there; Homeward bound; Prayer; Remember me; Your moment is here; Hallelujah
22)       Mondays through Thursdays
23)       21 days
24)       Two