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Digital Awareness

Digital Awareness includes understanding your online identity, protecting your online privacy, increasing your computer security, using social networking wisely and protecting your digital assets.

Digital Tattoo: If We Looked You Up Online

Search Yourself Online

Search for your name on these sites...

Ask yourself about the information you found...

  • Was it accurate?
  • Missing information?
  • What opinion would someone form?
  • Anything better kept private?

Think Before You Share

When you participate and share online, you contribute data to your online identity - this includes...

   What you post about yourself (photos, comments, etc)

What others post about you

         What you post/repost about others

Because of the ease at which others can copy and share, these posts can become a permanent record. Before sharing ask yourself….

  • do I want to share my thoughts publicly & why?
  • who will see it: everyone or only certain people?
  • what happens if I want to remove it?
  • do I mind others sharing or changing the context?

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone pretends to be you for fraudulent purposes such as...

  • setting up social media account in your name and damage your reputation
  • accessing your bank accounts, transferring money, making purchases, applying for loans or credit cards
  • gaining access to you passwords and email accounts

While identity theft is growing, it is still a rare occurance - according to the RCMP, in 2013 less than 20,000 people reported a some form of identity theft.  That's only .06% of Canada's total population.  These are the most important pieces of information you need to protect:

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Bank account numbers
  • Birth date
  • Phone number
  • Address

If you are being asked for these details ask why and don't provide if you don't have to. Check the Terms of Service to find out how your personal information will be used.

Be anonymous!

  • Create an alternate identity for social media sites - change your name, birth date, location (you may have to give a real postal/zip code)
  • Create an alternate email account
  • Use a pre-paid credit card for online shopping (easily purchased at most convenience stores without any link to your personal information)