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Caldeirada or Fish Stew

I have made this layered stew a number of times and no longer try to find clams to put into it. It is quite tasty and appetizing without them. It makes a simple meal for when company comes or can provide future dinners from the freezer. I usually make a green salad and have a heartily, multigrain bread with it. I have adapted the recipe to use local white fish that is in season Here is the photo of it. While the potatoes look yellow they are not sweet potatoes just regular potatoes.

Presented by Sandy (Champlain Heights Branch Cook & Tell Club)

Recipe from:

Canadian Living
640.5 C212

Vegetarian Burger

My burgers are vegetarian rather than meat. The recipe is from Laurel’s New Kitchen, page 303, a vegetarian cookbook. I like a number of the recipes in it and now own a discarded library edition of it. The amazing thing about this recipe when I have made it for pot luck events is that people cannot tell there is no meat in them! The secret is using fresh sage.

My suggestion is to skip the Picadillo version. I tried it once and decided not to do it again. When you form the patties make sure to compress it in something like the band from a small canning jar. Really compress them or they won’t hold together in the 25 minutes of cooking time. I make them all into patties and brown them. That way I can freeze the burgers without the liquid in and take out of the freezer a few at a time.

I most often have them in a bun with all the usually hamburger fixings but haven’t found a good source for nice multigrain buns like I could get on the Island.

Presented by Sandy (Champlain Heights Branch Cook & Tell Club)

Recipe from:
The New Laurel's Kitchen
641.5636 R64n


The recipe in this book didn’t really come with how to make/season the meat patties, so here is what we did.

Mix 1.5lbs lean ground beef with 1 egg, 1TB ea HP sauce and BBQ sauce, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, pepper & salt, pinch of cayenne pepper.

The Bacon Cheddar Burger was very tasty, would definitely make this again.

Presented by Sheila (Central Branch Cook & Tell Club)

Recipe from:
The White Spot Cookbook
641.5 G6181w

KadaleBeLe Chutney Pudi

"KadaleBeLe Chutney Pudi" is mainly made up of Split pea, which is high in protein and low in its fat content. It is also known to contain some of the highest amount of fiber. Another main component is Black gram, which is again high in its protein content. It is added with some spices, and blended into a powder, to get a ready-to-eat, healthy side-dish. This dish makes an awesome companion for Roti, Chapathi, Idli, Dose, Rice, Bread Toast and many more!

Presented by Rashmi (Central Branch Cook & Tell Club)
Rashmi's blog :

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