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This is the "Nexus 9 Tablet" page of the "eBooks & Audiobooks" guide.
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eBooks & Audiobooks   Tags: audiobooks, downloadable media, ebooks  

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017 URL: http://guides.vpl.ca/ebooks_audiobooks Print Guide RSS Updates

Nexus 9 Tablet Print Page

Discover VPL's Online Resources

Vancouver Public Library offers free access to quality information for all ages and interests. Check out these library apps, all preloaded on your borrowed tablet!

For Everyone:

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VPL Mobile: Browse the library's print and electronic collections, track your holds and fines, and create lists and shelves for the books you love.

Explore This Vancouver: part of VPL's effort to promote history and culture at a local and individual level. Listen to stories told by locals and see photos of Vancouver’s past as you travel the city and learn about the people and places that have made us what we are today. Learn more at http://thisvancouver.vpl.ca

OverDrive: Download eBooks and audiobooks, or read in your browser. Learn more about eBooks at VPL.

RBDigital Magazines and Audiobooks: Download popular magazines such as Newsweek, the Oprah Magazine, or Rolling Stone and listen to a wide selection of Digital Audiobooks for kids and adults. Register for an account 

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Naxos Music Library: Streaming music at your fingertips. Particular focus on jazz and classical. Register for an account before using the app.

Lynda.com: Access a wide variety of video courses on software, design, web development, and entrepreneurship. When logging into the app, click 'Organization' and enter vpl.ca under 'Web Portal.'

Pronounciator Language Learning: Practice and learn languages from all over the world with lessons ranging from beginner to advanced. Register for an account before using the app. 


For Kids:

Ages 0-6:

Endless Alphabet: Play with letters and learn about letter shapes, sounds, encounter interesting words and cartoons full of events and emotions to discuss.

Kapu Forest: Explore a forest and help animals, enjoy open ended play with lots of details to discover.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame: Help a monster cope with experiencing stressful emotions, frustration, impatience, and learn different ways to deal with difficult feelings.

 Ages 7 and up:

WWF Together: Experience the stories of endangered animals using pictures, video, origami, and interactive elements.

ScratchJr: Use a cartoon interface to create a multimedia project using Scratch programming.

Sky Map: Hold the universe in your hand and identify the stars above your head with this personal planetarium.



Cover Art
My Android Tablet - Craig James Johnston
ISBN: 0789753685
Publication Date: 2015-02-13

Cover Art
Android Tablets for Dummies - Dan Gookin
ISBN: 9781118671337
Publication Date: 2013-03-25

Cover Art
Google Nexus Tablet for Seniors - Studio Visual Steps Staff
ISBN: 9059053591
Publication Date: 2014-02-01

Cover Art
Nexus Tablets for Dummies - Dan Gookin
ISBN: 9781118772430
Publication Date: 2013-11-18

Cover Art
Screen-Smart Parenting - Jodi Gold; Tory Burch (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781462517947
Publication Date: 2014-10-20


Using the VPL Nexus 9

Using the Library Tablet: The Basics

This guide is meant to help you get started and to answer some common questions about using the Nexus 9. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions.

Throughout this guide we will refer to the home screen. You can always return to the home screen by using the circular button in the lower centre of the screen.

For more about the icons you'll see as you navigate the tablet, see the Android Tablets for Dummies cheat sheet.



The Buttons: Power, Locking and Volume

The smaller of the two buttons on the side of the Nexus 9 tablet controls the power and the lock. A long press will turn the tablet on, or bring up the option to turn it off. A short press will lock the tablet, or will wake it up so that you can unlock it with a swipe or password. The larger button controls the tablet's volume.

It is rare for mobile device users to turn their device off completely. Instead they lock their device when it is not in use. Think of locking as putting the tablet to sleep. Locking the tablet can also prevent others from accessing your tablet, if you set a password or swipe pattern (in the Settings app, under Security).


Connecting to Wireless Internet (wifi)

The Nexus 9 tablet, like most tablets, only connects to wireless internet (or "wifi"). Connect to nearby wifi networks by using the Settings app:

  1. Go to the home screen, then tap the white circle in the lower centre of the screen - this will take you to the complete list of apps on the tablet.
  2. Find the Settings app and tap it to open. Tap Wifi.
  3. Turn the wifi on if necessary. Then select a nearby wifi network from the list.
  4. If the wifi network requires a password, you will be prompted to enter it.

NOTE: If you are on library wifi, and you are not prompted automatically to enter your barcode and PIN, please open Chrome and go to www.vpl.ca.

Using Apps on Your Tablet


Using Library Services

All of the information on vpl.ca, is available through the web browser (Chrome) on your tablet. However, some of our resources have special apps that are designed to work perfectly with the tablet. We have preloaded these apps on the tablet. For many of them you will need to register for an account through an internet browser before using the app - see the enclosed instructions for details.


Accessing Your Google Account

To use the apps for Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Movies & TV, Music, Games, or the Play Store, you will need to sign in with a Google Account. Your Google Account is the same as your Gmail address.

NOTE: If you do not have a Google account, follow these same instructions, but at step 4, use the option to Create New Account.

To add your Google Account to your tablet:

  1. On the home screen, tap the white circle in the lower centre of the screen to open the complete list of apps.
  2. Go to Settings, then Accounts, then Add Account.
  3. Select Google.
  4. Enter your Google account name and password (eg: vpl@gmail.com + passwerd1234)
  5. You will need to agree to the Google terms of service. For more info: Google TOS
  6. You can now return to the Home screen.

Now you will find Gmail and the other Google apps populated with information from your Google Account. Also, you can now add new apps!


Adding New Apps

After adding your Google Account, you will be able to use the Play Store app to download all kinds of apps, from Facebook and Instagram to the latest games. 

NOTE: Not all apps are free! If you attempt to download an app that costs money, you will be prompted to add a credit card to your Google account. Looking for free apps? Check for the word FREE in green text to the lower right.


Updating the Tablet

Occasionally, while using the tablet, you will receive notification messages requesting that the software or apps on the tablet be updated. It is best to accept these updates, as they will ensure that the tablet continues to run smoothly. If you are unsure about a particular update, check out the help links to the right of this page, or get in touch with us.


Charging the Tablet

You will need to charge the tablet regularly to ensure that it has enough power to run the apps and services you want to use. You can charge it at any time, using the connections below. You will be able to tell how much power is left on the tablet's battery by looking at the white battery icon in the top right corner of the screen. 


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Vancouver Public Library

Events & Classes at VPL

Learn more about getting the most out of your mobile device by attending a class or drop-in session at the library!

Events & Classes


Protecting Your Personal Information

Your personal information will be deleted upon return of the tablet to the library.

Want to learn more about social media, digital safety and security, and creating the online identity you want? Check out our Digital Awareness Guide.

Suggested Catalogue Searches


Online Help

Lynda.com has courses and resources on all things Android, from basic to professional.

Nexus Help from Google: the basics of Nexus devices, straight from the manufacturer.

Android for Dummies: a cheat sheet on the basics from a trusted source for beginners.


Is the Tablet Frozen?

If your tablet stops responding to touch commands, simply turn it off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.


Using Apps with your Child

Digital devices and new media can be effective tools in supporting a child’s learning, creativity and development. You have an important role to play as your child’s media mentor.

Tips for enjoying apps with your child:

  • Enjoy apps together as a family. Use them to spark conversations and stimulate creativity.
  • Find ways to build on digital experiences: read the print book associated with a story app, find books about animals you discover on screen, share your child’s digital creations with friends.
  • You know your child best. Choose apps that engage your child’s interests. Set limits that are appropriate for your child and your family.

Consider the 3 C’s when choosing apps for your child:

CONTENT – Choose apps that let your child engage, explore, express, and imagine. For example, select an app that lets your child create their own music, rather than playing pre-recorded songs. Look for high quality apps, read reviews, and ask other parents and librarians for recommendations.

CONTEXT – Think about what your child will do before, during and after using an app. For example, if you are going to a doctor’s appointment, look for an app that relates experiences at a doctor’s office. Use the app together and then relate the activities from the app to your child’s real-life experiences.

CHILD – Choose apps that will interest your child, are within their abilities, and fit with the other activities in their life. For example, if your child is interested in tigers, watch videos of wild tigers, find an app story about a tiger, and draw pictures of tigers together. If your child is interested in music, math or sports, find apps that help them to tap into those passions.


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