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This is the "Chinese Immigration List Transcription - Page 8" page of the "Chinese-Canadian Genealogy" guide.
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Resources for Canadians of Chinese origin who wish to learn more about their personal connection to Chinese-Canadian history.
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Chinese Immigration List Transcription - Page 8 Print Page

Chinese Immigration List Transcription

Page 8 Chinese-Canadians born 19 January 1890 - 14 August 1892 Previous | Next
 Date of birthBirthplaceNameC.I. 44 No.
 394.   Victoria, B.C. Mar Doo  
 395.   Victoria, B.C. Choy Shee (Mrs. Chan Yat Leong) (Chu Choi King)  
 396.   Victoria, B.C. Wong Gum  
 397.   New Westminster, B.C. Jennie Sam Song  
 398.   Vancouver, B.C. Lee Tip Yew  
 399.   Keithley Creek, B.C. Lee Wing  
 400.   Victoria, B.C. Chack Nam Yip (Jack Yip)  
 401.   Victoria, B.C. Toy Ai  
 402.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Wai Lun  
 403.   Montreal, Que. Grace Alice Haw (Mrs. Harry Y. Lee)  
 404.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Kwong Art (Lee Sai Yuk)  
 405.   Victoria, B.C. Jick Leun (Jessie Wing, Mrs.Leong Hee Chong)  
 406.   Vancouver, B.C. Wong Chew Fee (Fred Wong)  
 407.   Victoria, B.C. Mew Hong Yip  
 408.   Port Essington, B.C. Jung Ah Toy  
 409.   Victoria, B.C. Jung Ah Toy  
 410.   Victoria, B.C. Ki Leung  
 411.   Victoria, B.C. Yet Quon (Winnie Yut Quon Chan)  
 412.   Victoria, B.C. Ng Chong Dang  
 413.   Victoria, B.C. Bork Yem Jung  
 414.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Ming Seid  
 415.   Vancouver, B.C. (Mrs.) Chow Sun  
 416.   Victoria, B.C. Chin Hong Too  
 417.   Cumberland, B.C. Mah Billie  
 418.   Ladners Landing, B.C. Chong Kun Chin  
 419.   Victoria, B.C. Lim Din  
 420.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Gun Yin  
 421.   Vancouver, B.C. Yip Kew Park  
 422.   Victoria, B.C. Lock Sum Kwok  
 423.   Wellington, B.C. Him Jim (Jung Him)  
 424.   Victoria, B.C. Lim Bak See  
 425.   New Westminster, B.C. Hing Sung Yip (Thomas Yip)  
 426.   Victoria, B.C. Mrs. Mah Bing (Kwan See)  
 427.   Cumberland, B.C. Mar Kum Juck (Mar Hung Poy)  
 428.   Vancouver, B.C. Yip Kew Sheck  
 429.   Victoria, B.C. Gun Yean (Ida Kong)  
 430.   Victoria, B.C. Chan Fook May  
 431.   Victoria, B.C. Wong Ah Pin  
 432.   Nanaimo, B.C. Mah Far Bing Kee (Miss)  
 433.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Wing Sun  
 434.   Vancouver, B.C. Wong You Toy  
 435.   Victoria, B.C. Lim Wah Hing  
 436.   Victoria, B.C. Low Quong Chee (Charles Chee Low)  
 437.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Quon Poy  
 438.   New Westminster, B.C. Wong Gim Doo  
 439.   Victoria, B.C. Chu Gam Kee  
 440.   Victoria, B.C. Yine Hoy (Yune Hoy)  
 441.   Victoria, B.C. Jay Quon Mook  
 442.   Victoria, B.C. Dong Yue Jong  
 443.   Victoria, B.C. Lim Po Hing (James Lim)  
 444.   Nanaimo, B.C. Jung Yet Woy  
 445.   Nanaimo, B.C. Lavinia Francis Dickman  
 446.   Victoria, B.C. Ida Marion Chew  
 447.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Yoi Nin  
 448.   Kamloops, B.C. Lily Eng Wing Him  
 449.   New Westminster, B.C. Lee Yung White  
 450.   Victoria, B.C. Chou Bing Won  
 451.   Victoria, B.C. Lee Seck Quon  
 452.   Victoria, B.C. Lew Kai Shing  
 453.   Steveston, B.C. Mary Lam (Lam Ping Voy)  
 454.   Ashcroft, B.C. Mrs. Fong (Mabel Fong)  
 455.   Victoria, B.C. Lew Hong Lim  
 456.   Nanaimo, B.C. Mah Chung (Harry Chong Mar)  
 457.   Victoria, B.C. Yua Ying (Mrs. Mah See)  
 458.   Victoria, B.C. Chung Yam Hing (Herbert Chung)  
 Date of birthBirthplaceNameC.I. 44 No.
Page 8 Chinese-Canadians born 19 January 1890 - 14 August 1892 Previous | Next


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