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Chinese-Canadian Genealogy

Resources for Canadians of Chinese origin who wish to learn more about their personal connection to Chinese-Canadian history.

Ships from China to Canada's West Coast

The Vancouver Public Library owns microfilm copies of passenger lists for Vancouver, Victoria and Pacific ports covering the period from 1905-1922. Many ships arrived on Canada's West Coast during this period, often carrying large numbers of Chinese passengers.

The microfilms are part of Library and Archives Canada's collection of microfilmed ship passenger lists for all of Canada. For further information about LAC's passenger list collection, see the archival description in the LAC General Inventory.

West Coast passenger lists are unindexed. To help researchers efficiently identify ships carrying Chinese passengers and locate them on the microfilm reels, a series of detailed Film Notes has been compiled. Notes for individual reels indicate the name of each ship (in the order that it appears on the reel), its port of origin, date of departure, port of arrival, date of arrival, total number of passengers, and total number of Chinese passengers.

Only the most recent port of embarkation prior to arrival in Victoria is recorded in the Film Notes - usually Yokohama, Japan. Ships carrying Chinese passenger would generally have started previously from Hong Kong, possibly picking up additional passengers in Shanghai and at other Japanese ports before arriving in Yokohama prior to the long journey across the Pacific.

Some passenger lists recorded the home origins of passengers, and their eventual destinations are often indicated as well.

Follow the links below to see the detailed Film Notes. Note that film quality is sometimes poor, and there may have been errors in data collection. In some cases, writing is illegible and names may have been spelled incorrectly. These are indicated in the tables by a question mark..

West Coast Passenger Lists - Film Notes

Microfilm reel T-4863: 5 January 1911 - 21 January 1911

Microfilm reel T-4864: 21 January 1911 - 30 August 1911

Microfilm reel T-4865: 4 September 1911 - 12 October 1911