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Chinese-Canadian Genealogy

Resources for Canadians of Chinese origin who wish to learn more about their personal connection to Chinese-Canadian history.

The Territories - 198 - Assiniboia East


1891 census information for District 198 - Assiniboia East is on Library and Archives Canada Microfilm T-6427.

The film was not directly reviewed to collect data on Chinese residents of Assiniboia East in 1891. Reference was made to birthplace information recorded in the following nominal (name) index:

Assiniboia East: Index to the Census of Canada 1891
Condon, Eileen P., ed.
Ref. 929.37124 A84c

Only one individual was recorded with a birthplace in China, and the person's name (William Overweg) suggests that the person was not of Chinese ethnicity.

It is possible that persons of Chinese ancestry born in Canada were also recorded in the Assiniboia East census, but this seems unlikely, given the general absence of Chinese in this district.