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Inspiration Lab - General Technology Skills

This guide is home to a few tutorials for basic skills that will be useful for patrons of VPL's Inspiration Lab.

External Storage Options

Types of storage:

External Storage General Size Notes
Recordable CD 700MB Once data is written, it cannot be changed
Recordable DVD 4.7 GB As with CDs, once data is written, it cannot be changed
SD or MicroSD card 1 GB and up May come with your digital camera
USB Drive 1 GB and up USB 3.0 is much preferable (than 2.0 or 1.0) as it transfers data much more quickly. See Using a USB Drive for more information.
External Hard Drive 128 GB and up Most external hard drives are fine in the Inspiration Lab, but if the device requires drivers to be installed before it can work, it likely cannot be used in the Inspiration Lab