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Inspiration Lab - General Technology Skills

This guide is home to a few tutorials for basic skills that will be useful for patrons of VPL's Inspiration Lab.


Cloud storage services allow documents and projects to be uploaded to online storage, via an internet connection, instead of to USB or CD. Items stored in cloud storage can be uploaded, downloaded, and may be shared with others. Some Cloud services allow the creation and editing of documents within the Cloud.

Advantages of Using Cloud Storage:

  • Often starts as a free service (for a small amount of storage space)
  • Easy to use
  • All storage online - no small objects to lose or damage
  • Many have the ability to create and edit basic documents (word processors, spreadsheets, etc.) within the website

Disadvantages of Using Cloud Storage:

  • Accounts are often required
  • Must be connected to the internet to access files and work on projects
  • May have to pay for additional storage space or more advanced options
  • Information will likely be stored on servers in the U.S. - possible data security issues

For collaborative and ongoing projects general cloud storage options may be suitable. These services store a number of different file types and allow sharing between individuals. General cloud storage services allow project collaboration with group members, while allowing you to customize which group members can control the creation and editing of projects online.

File Storage Wordle - By TKarcher (Own work (Original text: Selbst erstellt.)) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Image Source: File Storage - By TKarcher (Own work (Original text: Selbst erstellt.)) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

To store and share your final projects consider uploading your projects to storage/sharing sites. Although not cloud storage, these sites offer a platform designed to share projects publicly on the internet and often have a social media component that allows users to receive feedback on their projects. Examples of these kinds of storage sites are YouTube, Flickr, and Soundcloud.